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       Addiction Counseling, Family Therapy, Recovery Coaching & Rehabilitation Services

Specializing in the “Right Now” by removing the barriers for a successful recovery

In the first months of your recovery journey, Warm provides you a partner, mentor, spiritual guide, and support system to help you adjust to a new sober lifestyle. Through constant communication, you will form a strong partnership with the Warm team as they assist you by working through life's challenges as you make strides toward your life goals.

Our vision is to provide an alternative to traditional rehabilitation by eliminating the need of admission to a 28 day plus program. Warms approach is not suited for the most sever cases. Warm is tailored for the working adult, active parent or student that is beginning to experience and or trying to control negative behaviors or self-harm. Warm uses a peer to peer approach eliminating the client from feeling forced or cornered.

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